Atlanta's Premier Flyball Club

About Us

Like the city of Atlanta itself, Lunatic Fringe has risen from the ashes of its early incarnation, Georgia Cyclones.  We chose to embrace the “crazy” reputation that flyball holds in the eyes of other dog sports competitors and re-christened our club with tongue firmly in cheek.  From our modest beginnings as a small start-up club in 2009, we have become a prominent competitive club in NAFA Region 14.  After setting and achieving our goal of winning the regional championship for Multi-breed racing in 2011 with our team “Freaks & Geeks”, we have since shifted gears towards creating and honing a competitive Regular racing team in “Adrenaline Junkies.”


Team members pose for a team photo at a flyball tournament in Chattanooga, TN in January 2011

Our original flyball dogs in April 2000 in Tulsa, OK

While we continue to push Adrenaline Junkies to faster times, we also field Multi-breed and Open teams that enable all club dogs to enjoy racing at various levels while improving their athletic abilities.  We work diligently with young dogs and canines new to the sport to help them find their flyball racing legs.


We celebrate each of our dogs and handlers, most of whom are competitive in various other canine sports including agility, dock diving, disc dog, lure coursing, obedience, barn hunt and earthdog.

Through our appearance at the 2012 Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Eastern Regionals, as well as seminars and classes throughout the Atlanta Metro area, we are working to build our club and the sport of flyball in Georgia.

Team members taking care of business at a flyball tournament in Talladega, AL in January 2013

Best time Regular racing:  Adrenaline Junkies  17.393 (Seeker, Maui, JoJo, Malley) 2/22/2015


Best time Multi-breed racing:  Freaks & Geeks  19.190  (1/15/2011)


2011 Multibreed Champions for Region 14